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About the company

Digitedge Technologies Sdn Bhd started as a family business focus on providing on-site services to corporate clients from manufacturing and retail businesses. Since 2003, we have helped many of our clients in solving their IT issues and improved their IT knowledge to prevent virus and spyware infections.

Our objective is to reduce our client machine down time by providing fast on-site service. We are able to solve most of the common issues facing by the industry such as virus/spyware infection, minor hardware malfunction(ex. power failure, network connection issues and others), software issues(ex. installation, setting and configuration and software auditing), printer issues and other IT related problems. We have improved our service from on-site service to remote support. With recent outbreak of phishing sites and ramsonware attacks, more and more valuable data information was wipe out and cost a lot of time and money for the industry. We are able to identify, propose and execute a good backup practice that industry can implement.

Apart from providing sales, service and maintenance to our client, we offer web development, customized software development, web application and mobile apps development as well.

Feel free to contact us to understand more about our services and products.


What We do

IT Service and Maintenance
We provide after sales service and maintenance as well as service contract to enterprises. 

Computer and Notebook Sales
We sell desktop computer and notebook range from in-house assembled unit to branded devices.

IT Consultation
We provide site survey and consultation for small to large deployment with hardware and software proposal.

From standard network deployment to fiber backbone deployment, as well as high speed wireless bridging solution, we are able to provide solution within customer budget without sacrificing the performance.

Inkjet printer, Laser Printer, Large Plotter, Dot-Matrix Printer, Line Printer are some of the products that we carry.  For barcode label printing, we can provide total solution from hardware, software, training and label design.

Other IT Related Products and Services
Talk to our technical team on your IT requirements now. Contact us at +604-4238995 or email us at