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Unifi Fibre High Speed Broadband / Unifi Streamyx Broadband

UniFi Fibre High Speed Broadband is a broadband service by TM Unifi that uses fibre optics cable to deliver high speed internet, phone and IPTV services to your home while Unifi Streamyx Broadband uses conventional copper wire to deliver moderate speed internet and phone services to your home.

This service is subject to coverage area and we are able to provide coverage check service to any potential customes. Call us at +604-4238995 or email us at to find out more.


Enjoy the best online experience as never before. Watch Youtube videos without the breaks and pauses. Save time when you need to download files, run Windows updates 20X faster than before. Video Skype your friends and have jitter-free video conversations. Tune in to Facebook and watch the photos and videos literally pop out instantly.

Unifi Home Packages


RM199 per month
( Usual Price: RM279 )


RM159 per month
( Usual Price: RM189 )


RM129 per month


RM79 per month

Unifi Streamyx Home Broadband