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IT Sales and Solutions

We offer affordable in-house assembled desktop to branded desktop and notebook. We have developed a checklist for our client to accurately select the devices best suited them. We also provide solution such as server, client server environment, network solutions, web hosting, corporate email solution and etc. 


Internet Service

Imagine without internet in this modern era. We are able to provide suitable internet broadband service based on your requirements and location. From high speed broadband to LTE broadband services, together with network devices (ex. Wireless router, LTE router, homeplug), we are confident to solve your internet issues that you currently facing.

IT Service and Maintenance

We offer IT supports and services for corporate and end users, from desktop, notebook to server and network, as well as printer and wireless bridging devices. 
We also provide service maintenance for corporate range from on-site full time support to a certain response hours. Our service maintenance are highly customizable. 
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We sell genuine software for all industries range from operating system, business application, graphic software, engineering software, security protection software, accounting software and others.
Apart from selling on the shelf software, we develop custom software for our clients from manufacturing process tools, web application, web development and e-commerce. 
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