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SSD Upgrade


What is SSD?


A SSD or solid-state drive is a storage device that uses flash memory technology to store data continually even without power. SSD has no mechanical or movable parts compare to conventional hard disk.

Advantages of SSD

1. Read/Write is faster than hard disk drives: A SSD is 2 to 8 times faster than a typical HDD. This translates to shorter boot times, faster file transfers, and larger bandwidth for heavy computing.

2. Less power consumption: A SSD has no mechanical parts during operational state which translate to less power consumption. For enterprises that emphasized on energy efficient components, SSD will be a perfect choice. Furthermore, using a solid-state drive reduce the heat generation of a computer or device to overheat.

3. Long Lasting than hard disk drives: HDD is exposed to high risk of device failure due to accidental drops or vibration while SSD is the other way around. For mission critical processes in a harsh environment, SSD is the better choice as it can withstand machinery continuous micro vibration.

4. Low operational decibel : The absence of a spinning magnetic disc and a mechanical read/write arm makes an SSD almost zero noise.

5. Huge reduction in size and weight : An SSD greatly reduced the compartment size to hold the device. Compare to conventional hard disk drive, which is heavier and larger in size, the size maintained at 2.5″. Furthermore, the weight is considerably lighter than conventional hard disk drive which make it a preferred option for ultrabook and tablet.

Migrating Your Data

Everyone will have nightmare when comes to hard disk failure or a planned hard disk upgrade due to insufficient free space.
We provide professional service for data migration. Contact Us to learn more about upgrading your hard disk drive to SSD device. Furthermore, we are able to supply you variety of popular SSD brand in the market at competitive price. Or you can directly visit our shop for further information.